Unemployment and SUB Update

HBU – PILV and PAA Unemployment Reporting Requirements

(Prior Vacation Year) 2019/2020 Vacation Year

  • All unused Vacation (PILV) balances will be paid out on May 8, 2020
  • All unused Paid Absence Allowance (PAA) balances will be paid out May 15, 2020 (except certain PDCs)
  • Instructions for State Unemployment
    • Illinois and Ohio – Do not report PILV and PAA payment as earnings.
    • Michigan – Do not report PILV payment as earnings.
    • Michigan – Must report PAA payment as earnings. They are eligible for SUB Benefits
    • Indiana – Must report PILV and PAA payment as earnings. They are eligible for SUB Benefits

(Current Vacation Year beginning May 4, 2020) 2020/2021 Vacation Year

  • Vacation and PAA hours will be credited to employees on May 4, 2020
  • Employees may elect to be paid all or part of their balances beginning May 15, 2020
  • Instructions for State Unemployment
    • All States – Employees must claim PILV and PAA hours as earnings in the week it is paid. Employees are not eligible for SUB Benefits


Unemployment Benefits and Work Search Requirements

Work Searches

In most States the requirement to conduct work searches has been waived for people on a lay off related to COVID-19.

  • Occasionally, in Michigan, employees have been asked about conducting a work search. With direction from the State, the correct response to this question is: “the employee has completed the necessary work search”, due to the fact that the State has suspended the need for a work search.
  • If further asked to provide work search detail, our employees should indicate that this information will be provided later.

Supplemental Employees and MOPAR canvass

Mopar is canvassing employees to volunteer to work.

  • This is not a job offer.
  • When certifying for unemployment, employees should not consider this to be a job offer. “…did you refuse any jobs or offers…”, the answer is no because a job offer was not made.

KIOSK Applications

The Company is in the process of auditing all of the SUB payments that have been made. There are employees that are incorrectly filing for SUB that have received the $600 Federal Unemployment payments and their unemployment from the states.

Rejected Applications in Non-Auto-SUB States

The Company has started rejecting SUB applications for employees that are not claiming the Federal $600. With the state of Indiana being one of largest states not participating in Auto-SUB, the Company is working closely with those plants to communicate and coordinate this message.





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